Since 90s. Guaira. Paraná, Brazil.

I’m Eliandro Oliveira, photographer, working with advertising.

Started my career as an assistant to the photographer Manoel Guimarães in 2010. There I have the honor to learn with him so many details about photograph, and create the first bases of my photography, what made those years be really important to me.

In 2013, got my graduation in in visual arts at Tuiuti University of Paraná, CWB, Brazil.
But since then I’ve been changing the way to see the world around me, each one of the peculiar and amazing adventures and learnings that I’ve been through make me develop a new freestyle of work, always finding new ways to play with the all kinds of lights.

My main interest is working with creative minds and clients around the world.

I want to create, to share and construe unique moments.

So lets work together,

+55 41 995 124 221